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The RTLS Domino Effect
Once put into place, RTLS solutions can have a very positive domino effect for a business’s  operations and with its supply chain.  That’s what is happening with some customers of RTV Engineering, a full-service system integration, consulting and solution design company that’s expanding their use of RTLS with customers now to set the table for post-pandemic success.  “Justifying any data intensive project can be a challenge.  Often there is a series of workflows and processes that also improve by correlating multiple tracked elements.  If we can solve it with one RTLS solution, everyone benefits” said Bob Viega, CEO of RTV.   

For example, RTV’s customer, Kloeckner Metals started their RTLS journey by showing value and ROI within manufacturing facilities tracking finished goods. Because some metal products look very similar, identifying  and locating the finished products for shipment could take well over half an hour to locate products for shipment. Kloeckner reduced this time to less than 5 minutes with the use of an RTLS system.   

This sizable reduction in time to locate led to the domino effect I mentioned earlier. The number of shipments per day increased by as much as 30% while each material handler’s shifts are reduced from 10 to 8 hours.  “We were confident we would improve our operations, but we are excited to discover we increased daily revenue, and improved our customer satisfaction while reducing costs,” remarked Jason Albro, Executive Vice President, Kloeckner Metals. “Our customers got their orders faster without disruption.”